My dad called me to tell me he was at my neighbor’s bedside when he passed away last weekend. I knew he was having health problems over the past half-year, but this was unexpected news. I could tell my dad was a bit shaken up by it. They were buddies. This man was very caring and always friendly to me. I feel terrible for his wife and children, but I know they’re strong. I wish I said “hi” the last time I visited.

I began to think about how linear life and the relationships we have can be. At any given point, someone can come into your life once, and only once. I try my best not to take these people for granted, but sometimes it just can’t be helped, and I have no choice but to move on. You really can’t know that that intersection will be the only one. It may be the only one you really need. And you’ll come across those lines that run close to yours - so close, that you can never really tell if they’re ever diverging. If you’re lucky, you’ll never know. 

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